The best local coffee shops near Music Row

When you're looking to snag a cup of joe, start your morning off right with some of the best local coffee shops in the heart of Nashville.

Welcome to Music Row, the vibrant and historic destination located in the Midtown neighborhood of Nashville! This significant spot is tucked away in the heart of the “Music City” and is fueled not only by country music, but by coffee too. Nashville's coffee scene is brewing with awesomeness, and we’re thrilled to spill the beans on some of our favorite spots. So, make the most of your stay by discovering the perfect local blend of must-visit cafés and can’t-miss coffee shops to fuel up for the day ahead. Don’t worry, be frappé!

1. The Well Coffeehouse

First up on the list is The Well Coffeehouse on Music Row. The Well Coffeehouse is located in the historic Koinonia Bookstore and is a vibrant and bustling hub of activity, offering up some of the best coffee in town. Located right in the heart of Nashville's famous music district, it is a great spot to sit back and relax while taking in the sights and sounds of Music City.

This staple café serves freshly roasted coffee and espresso beverages, teas, and smoothies, as well as made-to-order breakfast and lunch offerings. On top of its status as a thriving coffeehouse, this space has also been restored to its roots as a live music venue with plenty of performances taking place each week


2. Just Love Coffee Café

Introducing Just Love Coffee Café, where cozy meets caffeine! Sip on locally-sourced coffee and soak in the friendly vibes this spot has to offer with its inviting atmosphere and Instagrammable food truck-style menu. From fair trade to organic or direct trade, Just Love Coffee Roasters has been named a finalist thrice for Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine, and their artisanal menu boasts an array of signature lattes, cold brews, and more.

Hungry? Try a mouthwatering waffle to satisfy your sweet tooth or a signature breakfast item to start your stomach off on the right note. Swing by today, put some love in your day, and experience the epitome of Nashville's coffee culture! 


3. Tin Cup Coffee 

Tin Cup Coffee is a beloved local coffee shop that has captured hearts everywhere in Nashville’s Music Row community. With its delightful specialty coffee drinks, inviting ambiance, and warm staff, it has become a favorite spot for many. Their menu boasts an array of coffee beverages, ranging from classic espresso to inventive seasonal concoctions.

To accompany their exceptional brews, they offer freshly made pastries and sandwiches. Whether you’re seeking a midday pick-me-up or a leisurely chat with close friends, Tin Cup Coffee provides the perfect setting. Visit today and experience the harmonious blend of exceptional flavors and vibrant atmosphere that sets Tin Cup Coffee apart. 


4. Funny Library Coffee Shop

The Funny Library Coffee Shop is a quirky and charming spot that will have you asking, “where have you bean all my life?” With an atmosphere unlike any other, customers can choose from a variety of pastries, light breakfast items, specialty coffee and tea, and seasonal coffee served up in mugs that feature illustrations of classic books and literature-inspired quotes.

It’s full of cozy spots to relax and enjoy your drink, featuring an array of vintage decor, and comfortable couches and armchairs surrounded by shelves stocked with books in case you want something to read while you sip your favorite beverage. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to study or catch up with friends over a cup of coffee, this spot is a must-visit for coffee lovers and bookworms alike.


5. Poindexter Coffee  

Last, but certainly not least, Poindexter Coffee is a perfect option to fuel your curiosity and taste buds. Featuring a bar made from hundreds of black pencils, the all-day café serves as a great community gathering place no matter if you’re chatting with friends or catching up on emails.  

Poindexter offers a variety of classic espresso drinks crafted by experienced baristas, and in addition to delicious drinks, also serves seasonal pastries, made-to-order goodies, and grab-and-go options. Whether you want to treat yourself to a flavorful snack or just need a quick caffeine boost, Poindexter Coffee will hit the spot! 


Discover the Perfect Blend in Nashville


Whether you’re looking to get your caffeine fix bright and early or later in the day, don’t settle for a snooze-worthy cup of joe. Savor every sip and let your taste buds rejoice by visiting these local spots near Placemakr Music Row!

Discover Placemakr Music Row 

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